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Rules on cookies

In order to ensure proper operation of this website, sometimes we store small text files known as cookies on your machine.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies allow the website to remember your actions and settings (such as user name, language, font size and other settings relating to layout) over a longer period, so that you do not have to re-enter them every time you visit the website or when you move from one page to another.


How we use cookies?
On some of our pages, we use cookies that are not essential for the way you see the website but that enable a better viewing experience. You can delete or block the cookies, but if you do so, certain functions on that page might not work properly. Cookies are used to store the following data:
•    your layout settings, such as browser language, colour contract, font size, machine used, settings concerning search results and notifications
•    whether you agreed to our use of cookies on that page or not

Personal data
We do not use information connected with cookies to determine your identity, and data on your browsing habits are exclusively under our control. We do not use cookies for any purposes other than those described herein.

Third party cookies
Sometimes we also use outside services for statistical purposes to follow the use of our pages, such as Google Analytics. In such cases, Google will store cookies on your computer, so-called third party cookies. The same happens when we use maps on Google Maps. Third party cookies can be rejected on your first visit to the page and, in such cases, the third party scripts will not be loaded.

How to control cookies?
You can control and/or delete cookies whenever you want. You can delete all cookies already stored on your machine, while the settings of most browsers enable one to block cookie storage. If you block cookies, maybe you will have to manually adjust certain settings every time you visit that particular website, while certain services and functions might not be available. If you do not want to receive cookies on your computer, you can set your browser in such a manner so as to notify you every time it detects them or you can automatically reject them all. You can also delete all cookies already stored. If you want to limit or block cookies installed on your machine, you can do so via settings in your browser.

Find out how at, where you can find detailed instructions relating to various browsers.